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James Wagner is an amazing person. He played football this year and had and interesting season. At first he was a linebacker and a running back. He had the right build to play these positions but they didnt seem to fit him. Later in the season he tried playing nose tackle and everyone was blown away. James, affectionately known as Wagz, was able to explode off the ground and make all the centers he went up against wish they were dead. I remember one play during a football game when Wagz caught some poor little running back from behind and buried him into the ground. After the play Wagz proceeded to stand up and yell "I'm not going anywhere, I'm gunna be here all night!" right into the poor kids face. After that play the runningback was scared to run anywhere near Wagz for the rest of the game.

James Paul Wagner is an extraordinary human being. He does things that make fathers want him to marry their daughters. Wagner has been known to save a kitten from a tree on the way home from church while he was helping a little old lady cross the street so he could make his donation to the Goodwill fund. In my opinion James Wagner should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for being simply amazing.