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The Patriots played their first game on Thursday. They played against the Oakland Raiders and it was a very good game. Tom Brady threw for over three hundred yards and led his team to a 30 to 20 win. The Patriots are expected to be almost unstoppable this year.

Saint Bernards is playing its season opener Friday night against Gardener high school. Last year Gardener was a very talented team but most of its starters graduated and the team is relatively unexpierenced. Saint Bernards is going to be a powerhouse this year. The roster for the Saints is filled with stars and come Friday night they will produce.

Many people say that Tom Brady is not a good quarterback. Their main reason for saying this is that he does not have the stats that other quarterbacks have. I disagree because you can not judge a player on stats alone. Tom Brady wins championships and that is all that really matters.

Saint Bernards has moved back into the central Mass Football League. After many years playing far away teams out in eastern Mass where rivalries could not be developed; head coach Tom Bingham has decided to move the Bernardians back into the central mass league. This allows the team to play local schools and develop rivalries

In a football game there are eleven players on the field for one team at a time. There are twenty two positions, eleven offense and eleven defense. The offensive positions are quarterback, full back, half back, center, two guards, two tackles, a tight end and two recievers . The defensive positions are two tackles, two defensive ends, two outside linbackers, two inside linbackers, a safety and two corner backs.