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As ominous clouds hovered above Fenway Park on Monday afternoon, Red Sox center fielder Johnny Damon spread some sunshine regarding the condition of his ailing left shoulder. "I am finally healthy," said Damon. "I can finally say that now. My shoulder is not bothering me. Now I'm not going to walk around with that frown on my face like I've been for the past month or so." Johnny Damon finally thinks that he will be bale to play up to his full potential now that his shoulder is feeling better. This should be a great help to the BoSOx because when he is healthy, Damon is a stellar outfielder and batter.

Curt schilling is nothing more than a hired gun who did his job. Soxfans treat him like he was drafted by the redsox organization, came up through their farm system, and is a 20 year veteran of the team. He is a heck of a talker, I'll give him that. He could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman wearing white gloves. He named his kid after a Yankee. Before the Vazquez decision was made their was a contract in the works with the Yankees and he was saying the same stuff to Yankee fans that he was saying to us. Even if Randy Johnson leads the Yankees to 2 straight WS victories, you're not gonna see him sent off like Bernie Williams was on Sunday. Nobody is fooled regarding what he is. He came to empty the tanks on a Hall of Fame career he built for other organizations. If he does well, good for him, good for us... that's it. We get criticized for it but you can't give every guy who steps throught the redsox clubhouse door treatment like he has lived and died with this team for years.

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