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I have been going to Saint Bernards Highschool for four years. I started as a freshman and now i am a senior. The transition from freshan to senior is very dramatic. Freshman are generally very shy and usually walk around the school lost with an arm full of books. Seniors are generally very outgoing and realize that they dont have to do as much work as they once did so they never carry around more than one or two books. The difference between a freshman and a senior is very dramatic.

Highschool is just a stepping stone towards completing your education. It is the second to last step before entering the real world. The first step is elementary school, next is middle school, then highschool, and the final step is college. After you graduate from college you are ready to face the world and start a career. Some people go on to get their masters or doctorate degree after completing their first four years of college. Doctors are in school for a very long time. After highschool they have four years of regualr college, then four years of medical school and once they graduate from that, they have to be a resident doctor for a certain number of years depending on what type of docotor they want to be. Brain surgeons have the longest residency at seven years. After highschool a brain surgeon has 15 more years of learning before they are considered a full fledged surgeon.

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