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Ferrari is a car company that is known for its racing heritage and highclass vehicles. It was founded in 1947 as a highclass road car maker. Today Ferrari sells its cars to only the super rich and the company is almost unbeatable at the race track. Ferrari's are the cream of the crop when it comes to sports cars, there is not a better car available.

My favorite Ferrari is a 575 M Maranello. I think it is the best looking and most exciting car on the road today. It has a 12 cylinder engine and a tiny hood scoop that makes this two door car look amazing. The 575 Maranello replaced the 550 Maranello last year. They are basically the same car but the 575 has a slightly larger engine and updated looks.

Ferrari makes many different cars. It has two different basic engines. One is an 8 cylinder and the other is a 12 cylinder. The 8 cylinder cars range in price from about 180,000 dollars to about 250,000 dollars. The twelve cylinder models range in price from about 200,000 dollars to about 700,000 dollars for the Ferrari Enzo. This is a list of all the different models that Ferrari offers.

  • F430
  • F430 Spider
  • F430 Challenge
  • 612 Scaglietti
  • 575 GTC
  • 575M Maranello
  • Superamerica
  • FXX
  • Enzo