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Brendan Beauvais

Brendan Beauvais is your average 17 year old american male. He has flaming red hair, which helps him to attract the ladies, and he is over six feet tall. Brendan lives in Westminster and goes to Saint Bernard's Highschool. His favorite class is web design and he enjoys baking cookies for his friends.

Beauvais or BB, which is what his friends call him, has had a very interesting love life. When he was just a little boy he found himself wildy attracted to women with large feet. Once he reached highschool he began to play the field. His first girlfriend was named "Spike", that actually isn't her real name, but thats what all his friends called her. BB and Spike dated for about two months and then Brendan moved onto to bigger and better things. When I say bigger I mean it, his next girlfriend, Bertha, was pushing 300 pounds. Right now, as a senior at STB, BB is not seeing anyone but he has his eye on a few ladies. Brendan plans on asking Jessica Alba out any day now.

As you can see from his picture, BB is not a handsome man. This isnt that much of a problem for him because he sets his sights low and doesnt expect much from the world. His theory on life is that if he sets the bar low enough he will never be disapointed. This picture was taken on Brendans personal one hundred foot yacht that he named "The Snake in its Hole".

Brendan plays nose tackle for the Saint Bernards Football team and though he is scrawny at 6' 3" 185 pounds, he knows how to deliver a blow. Brendan has been starting since his sophmore year and great things are expected from him for his senior season. Hopefully BB will live up to the hype and not disapoint his fans.

Brendans favorite food is a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with mayonaise, pickles, tomatoe and mustard. His favorite sport is illegal cock fighting and he owns his own rooster named Big Dan. Big Dan is the undisputed heavyweight cock fighting champion of greater Worcetster county.