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How It Works

Ski Mobiles have a top speed of over 60 mph on flat ground!


Various types if tracks are used for different snow conditions. The whole track assembly slides off the back of the ski on rails and is locked into place behind the ski where it comes in contact with the snow.

This track is used for icy conditions.

This is the assembly that slides off the back of the ski.

This track is for hard packed snow.

This is a close up of the track already on the skis.



There are two engines, one for each ski, that are controlled by a single wireless remote. The engines are located between the tracks and the most expensive ones are capable of propelling the skier from zero to sixty mph in less than 4 seconds.

This is the most basic engine offered for Ski-mobiles.

This is the top of the line racing engine for Ski-mobiles.



There is only one controller. It is wireless and controls both skis simultaneously. The hand held controller resembles that of an RC car.

This is what the ski-mobiler uses to control the skis.







These guys could us a pair of