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Survey Form
What is your name?
What do you like better?
Men Women
What animal is better?
Polar Bear James Wagner
What is a better insult?
You are a bafoon. Your mom is a bafoon.
What is your favorite insult?
What do you want more?
To fly. To be able to breath underwater.
Which class is boring?
Web Design Web Design
What would you rather be?
Billionaire XXX studio cleaning crew member
Who smells better?
A trash man Brendan Beauvais
Who is better looking?
Jessica Alba Angelina Jolie
What is more important to you?
Your life Someone elses
What is worse?
Punting puppies Selling crack to orphans
Which is it?
Blue Pen Black Pen Red Pen
What came first?
The chicken The egg The rooster
What is your favorite car?
Pick one
Dog Cat Brendan Beauvais
Who would you rather fight?
Chuck Norris Jesus
What name would you pick for a dog?
Which sport is better?
Football Futbal Baseball